Thursday, February 25, 2010

tagged by the horse and the hare

The rules of this tag are:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

Hmmm. The specifics of how I came to possess this particular silent film intertitle screen capture escape me at present. I have no earthy idea what film it's from, and I'm not at all sure which blog (if indeed that's where I found it) hosted this image. I'll just state that I'm a fan of strong sentences, and this one must've struck me then because it still strikes me now. You know, if I passed by a tombstone in a graveyard that held the above statement in chiseled permanence, I know I'd stop and give the departed a few moments of my time. Because on some days I can most certainly relate.

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the horse and hare said...

Thank you so much for far you're the only one that I tagged who has!