Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back from vacation with a change of direction

High flying and athletic. What's not to like?

Well, how do you do? Back from a two week sabbatical, and while the posts on this blog don't exactly fly with frequency, they have obviously been appearing more slowly as of late. And hey, it is MY blog, so that's cool. I do want to keep posting, but I'm frankly going to be rather consumed with a large fiction project that will be taking precedence over the far too time consuming project that I had been undertaking here, which was a rundown of my weekly home listening. I had origianlly planned for this little folly to flourish until December of this year, but that doesn't seem like a reality any longer. I was already behind before leaving for vacation, and the ogre of full-time employment (when you are employed full-time you can call it an ogre, if you're not and need it you call it a desire) and the wonderfully time consuming qualities of my main creative outlet basically mean that I'm calling a halt to the endeavor of endulgence that was my weekly (weakly?) posting of my listening habits. Oh sweet hubris. But that doesn't mean that I plan on abstaining from posting peroid. No. I still intend to check in here on a frequent basis for the hypothetical dozen or so that just might care. I just plan on the posts being a little more informal, less exhaustive, and perhaps a bit more pleasing for the reader. I dunno. Music, movies, lit and art of other types will likely be the topics, but I could get a little wild and enthuse about bellydancing, vintage pre video arcade games or the maddening mess that was old school roller derby. I also have some older writing that I might drop into this forum from time to time. I still plan on completing the next two installments in the Early Sam Fuller trifecta, but at this late date should probably rewatch the other two films before setting anything in figurative stone. I also want to do a lengthly chronilogical series of posts on Jean-Luc Godard's early films (early meaning up to about Tout Va Bien, because much of the later stuff is still so hard to see). Plan on a lengthy screed about why Alex English is the most underrated player in NBA history, and a nice appreciation of Wes Unseld. And a polemical text on why Gremlins 2 is a better sequel than The Godfather Part II. Plus a personal reminiscence on the eye-opening inventiveness and sexual equality of the early Rough Trade scene. And a little thing about the Vivian Girls. And poet Lorine Niedecker. I've wanted to shout from the roof tops about my love for Gena Rowlands as well. And Herbie Nichols. I picked up this killer college fiction text book, all short stories called Fiction 101, and I may read the stories in order and post my thoughts about them. Maybe something about Manny Farber, too. So, anyway let me wrap this up with a short list of the high points of the last two days listening, low on quantity high on quality...

Disc One of the Merge Records 3CD 15th Anniversary set (Viva the Indie Rock!)

Lovechild- Okay? LP (someone [Merge?] really needs to reissue this, if for no other reason than my vinyl is beat to shit and back. Maybe the most slept on indie full length from the first half of the '90s)

Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm- Rhythm Rockin Blues CD (simply smoking collection of Modern Records material from from one of biggest jerks in the history of American Music)

Roland Kirk- A Jazz Hour with Roland Kirk radio show boot (from around '70 or so and loaded with medleys. Still sweet stuff)

So until next time, don't let the sun catch you crying....

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